ALBUM: Logic - Confessions of a Dangerous Mind [Full ALBUM DOWNLOAD]

ALBUM: Logic - Confessions of a Dangerous Mind [Full ALBUM DOWNLOAD]


Confessions Of An Unsafe Mind Video.

Reasoning revealed on his Instagram and Twitter that he will be dropping a brand-new album entitled 'Confessions of a Hazardous Mind' soon. According to, fans can expect common styles that were seen in his previous tasks, which include psychological health, suicide and anxiety. The title track and visuals display his inner thoughts on anxiety and sets the tone for what is to come from Confessions Of A Harmful Mind. Confessions of a Hazardous Mind follows the September 2018 release of YSIV, which debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200.

Coming off two full-length releases in 2018-- Bobby Tarantino II and Young Sinatra IV-- Logic continues pressing out brand-new material at a furious pace. At this time, there is no info about the Confessions of a Hazardous Mind album release, however earlier today Logic launched an unexpected new book called Grocery store together with an album of new music as a soundtrack The book is published under his birth name, Bobby Hall, and the music drifts towards rock.

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. The album. Readily available all over Friday," he exposed through Instagram. Pre-release songs for this album included Keanu Reeves," the title track, along with Murder," a collaboration between Reasoning and one of his all-time favorites, Eminem. Confessions of a Hazardous Mind will be Reasoning's very first project since 2018's YSIV, the fourth installment of the rhymer's popular Young Sinatra mixtape series.

The brand-new sneak peek acts as the first piece of initial music we've heard form Reasoning since January when he released, Keanu Reeves." It's not sure if the track will wind up making the last tracklist of his forthcoming project but in either case, we're looking forward to hear what Reasoning has up his sleeve. Listen to Confessions of an Unsafe Mind" below which was crated together with 6ix and remain tuned for the album's release date.

While fans wait for more details on Reasoning's next LP, those interested in his first book won't be waiting much longer to read it. Grocery store, his literary debut, is arranged to be launched on March 26. Rap artist and producer Logic announced the title of his upcoming album, Confessions Of A Harmful Mind, by releasing the surprise title-track today, 22 March 2019.

With his newest single, Confessions of An Unsafe Mind," the Maryland-bred rapper sets out to resolve these contrasts and problems to his compatriots. Confessions" is the 2nd single off his upcoming album Confessions of a Harmful Mind, preceded by the January release of Keanu Reeves." The track, produced by longtime partner 6ix, is the title track of the album and based upon the material of the tune. On the whole, his fans can expect his upcoming album to be an introspective journey.

In the four-minute video, he exposes the name of the album will be "Confessions of a Harmful Mind" but when the album will drop is not known. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" is the title track and 2nd single from Reasoning's sixth studio album. Reasoning's debut book, Supermarket, is set to get here March 26. An accompanying soundtrack, which will include the abovementioned partnership with DeMarco, has yet to receive a release date.

The album comes six months after his 2018 album YSIV, which received major vital recognition. Understood for his deep styles, the rap artist made a name for himself with his chart-topping single 1-800-273-8255, which was utilized to inform his listeners about suicide prevention. Apart from the freestyles, This is the 2nd track to be launched by the rapper his hot album YSIV".

Multi-platinum Def Jam recording artist Reasoning is back. The rapper required to Twitter this week to announce his upcoming 5th studio album Confessions of a Harmful Mind. The 1-800-273-8255" hitmaker began campaigning the forthcoming project with a rhyme-slaying brand-new single. Psychological, creative, and creative, Reasoning's titular single has triggered high anticipation for his upcoming album release. Stream Confessions of a Hazardous Mind" below and be on the lookout for Logic's new album dropping later this year.

Arguably the greatest selling point of Confessions of an Unsafe Mind" is the production work. The backdrop assembled by 6ix is absolutely nothing short of celestial - glowing to the nth degree. The sound crafted is reflective, which absolutely magnifies the ambiance that Reasoning looks for to capture with his rhymes. As typical, the nimble rapper tosses a great deal of lyrics at the listener, even as reflective and mellow as Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" can be at times. Scan over the lyrics, and there's a little bit of everything from referencing his stress and anxiety, fame, and the criticism others have towards him. He has his reasonable share of points and reputable rhymes, however it's a lot to take in, even extended accross a record that approaches 5 minutes in duration.

Reasoning has actually launched the title track off his upcoming new album, along with a bloody video. Reasoning continues his relentless output for 2019. On the heels of ending up being the very first rap artist to top the New york city Times Best Sellers list with his Supermarket novel in April, Bobby announced that his 5th studio album, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, will launch on Friday.

Towards the last part of Confessions of a Hazardous Mind," Reasoning spreads out some very positive messages to all of us-- even the artists. He asks us to follow our dreams no matter what the masses comment. You require to be a good man and mind your own organisation, help individuals when required and spread this good word to others too. You need not stress over maintaining your millions of fans. There are more good individuals than bad. So they will flock around you. Set your ego aside, the world does not need more prude people.

Logic had actually shared the song previously today in a video he published to Twitter, though he did not specify its title. In the clip, he raps to the cam and displays a weapon as blood gushes down his shirt and snowflakes swirl around him. The video closed with a main announcement of the record and its title, though it neglected the album's release date.

Yesterday, the rapper announced his brand-new album, the follow up to last September's YSIV which received a combined response from fans. He likewise submitted the title track off the job by means of a trailer which revealed him slowly getting covered in blood as he rapped some heartfelt lines over an emotional beat. The rapper's fifth studio album Confessions of a Harmful Mind is set to arrive Friday, May 10. He exposed the release date together with the illustrated cover art, developed by Sam Spratt, including his face morphing into a skeleton.

Watch Logic's new tune release for Confessions Of An Unsafe Mind listed below. Logic will be launching his debut novel, Supermarket, on March 26th together with its soundtrack. Until then, stream "Confessions of a Hazardous Mind" on all platforms now. The production from 6ix is very smooth and allows the track's pointed barbs to go down much easier. It's a fantastic contrast, and after this jam we really have no concept what the new Reasoning album will seem like, but we like it that method.

As the discount video continued Logic revealed a brand-new song while slowly being covered in blood. Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind will be Logic's follow-up to 2018's Young Sinatra IV No release date has been announced for the brand-new album. With Confessions, Reasoning will be speaking largely about social media and the impacts it has on society. Naturally, it likewise appears he'll have an excellent portion of bangers on it also, if Homicide and Keanu Reeves are any indicators. I make certain a few of his new tracks will make it onto The Mixtape later on this week.

Reasoning and Eminem have come together for a cooperation. Entitled 'Homicide', the collaborative track will be out this Friday, May 3. Logic's new album 'Confessions of an Unsafe Mind', is on the rapper and the horizon chose to bless us with a partnership with Eminem. Another track titled 'Keanu Reeves' from the title and the album track are currently out.

It truly is. Likewise quite cool how he's done all of Reasoning's album art work so far. Full of concealed Easter eggs and messages for the fans to search for, besides looking great. The brand-new single Confessions of a Hazardous Mind" will be the title track for the album. In numerous interviews he said the album, which has no conclusive release date yet, will handle the concern of social networks and its negative impacts.

Say what you want about Reasoning, however before you do, make sure you acknowledge his cravings. In the last two years, he has dropped three full length projects, with Confessions Of An Unsafe Mind" going to be his fourth. Today, the DMV rapper started the roll-out process for the upcoming album, releasing the first genuine single off of it. Confessions of an Unsafe Mind is Logic's 6th studio album.

The brand-new sneak peek functions as the first part of the initial music that we signed up to the reasoning, which is released from January, "Canoe modifies." If the track ends up making the final tracklist of its upcoming job, it is incorrect but in any case, we aspire to hear what Logic remains in its sleeve. Logic required to social media to drop rather of a trailer for a new album called Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind.